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Celebrity Florist, Mercedes Sarmini is passionate about creating beautiful floral arrangements.
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Hello Blossoms!

I’m delighted you’ve discovered Floral Gossip. It’s where I share my love of cut flowers, their secrets and stories and how to select, arrange and care for them so they last longer and bring you, your friends and family more joy.

There’s only one thing better in the world than receiving a beautiful bunch of flowers, or simply one flower presented with love, giving flowers.

Even though flowers are all around us we miss them, too busy to stop and well, ‘smell the roses’. Yet flowers help us express our deepest emotions love, happiness, joy, fun, fear, sadness, loneliness, togetherness, attention.

What if you understood the inner beauty and secrets of the flowers you choose in each of the important moments in your life? Imagine if the flowers you next give convey an even deeper meaning?

Floral Gossip is the place where you can learn about cut flowers, their secret lives and how to care for them. Improve your knowledge of flower care and handling, floral design and arrangement, and read on…

No shrinking violets here. Join me in the garden of Floral Gossip.

Mercedes X

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It’s where people who are passionate about flowers:

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No shrinking violets here, just floral fun, flirtations and frolicks.


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“Good things come, to those who Cut flower”

Mercedes Sarmini Florist
Mercedes Feature Image

“Cut flowers are like women, if you treat them well, their more likely to stick around”

Mercedes Sarmini Florist

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Every cutflower has a purpose, a message, a vibration and a frequency for mankind to tap into for extra joy in life.

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