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Floral Gossip

Australian Cut flowers

I was very fortunate to grow up in the best country in the world, my birth place my home Sydney Australia.

Known all over the globe for our dream time beaches, our koala’s and kangaroo’s, our favorite morning spread Vegemite and Crocodile Dundee the movie Australia is a place you must visit in your lifetime.

While you are visiting the great down under, i highly recommend you book yourself into a bush walk tour so you can get up close and personal with our amazing wildlife and our breath taking fauna.

Below is a list i put together for you to get blooming started.

Enjoy my darling Blossom’s

Ms Billy Buttons

Ms Flowering Eucalyptus

Ms Banksia

Ms Tea Tree

Ms Crowea

Ms Geraldton Wax

Mr Gymea Lily                                                                                                                                              

Ms Waratah

Ms Golden Wattle   

Ms Wattle Flower

Ms Kangaroo Paw

Ms Rosella Flower