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Cemetery Floral FAVOURITES!

I have never enjoyed visiting cemeteries, especially when it came to someone i knew. It just hurt me too much but for the ones who feel great comfort attending i encouraged their attendance.

It always bothered me to know that the dead receive more cut flowers than the living and for that reason i work harder to encourage my customers to buy cut flowers for the NOW because life is too short.

All my customers are looking for long lasting cut flowers for their loved ones.

Keep in mind, that long lasting cut flowers cost more especially the cut flowers that dry out still looking their aged best.. 

I highly recommend tiny floral posies and sheaf’s to fit comfortably into the floral vases located at your loved ones gravesite.  

TIP!! To be cost effective, I recommend you ask your local florist for off cuts from other cut flowers that are usually put aside by the florist for funeral gravesite floral tributes like this.

TIP!! Keep away from MALE cut flower’s as they don’t dry effectively in this scenario because they are high in maintenance. i.e. require water to look their best. 

The cut flowers that I recommend for long lasting floral tributes for funerals are;

Ms Statice

Ms Lavender

Ms Baby’s Breath

Ms Wattle

Ms Sea Holly

Ms Kangaroo Paw

Ms Straw Flower

Ms Rice Flower

Ms Billy Button