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Mercedes Sarmini from Floral Gossip, celebrity florist in Sydney

Cut flowers that DRY WELL with Mercedes

“So what are you waiting for”, express what you want to say with the gift of cut flowers”!!

There is no denying the crazy trend at the moment of dried cut flowers.

Surprising I like them but my first LOVE is undoubtedly fresh cut flowers.

There are a few manual techniques to create dried cut flowers, some may prefer air drying them, some use microwave drying and others prefer cut flower pressing them.

Whatever it is you chose to go with the outcome is more or less the same.

What I like about dried cut flowers is that they are absolutely perfect when used to create handmade gifting cards or flower crowns. They are received very well by the receiver especially when they find out their card or flower crown is handmade by you.

For the blossoms who prefer dried cut flowers in arrangements, currently used for corporate front desks it’s no wonder why they are so trending at the moment because they can last up to 6 months looking at their best at a fraction of a cost compared to weekly delivered cut flowers. Order online

To get you started

I have put together a list of cut flowers perfect to be used for handmade gifting cards to corporate front desk arrangements.

Or you can talk a stroll down to Coogee coastal walk or Campsie parklands to collect some of Sydney’s blooming favorites.

The choice is YOURS!!


Ms Hydrangea

Ms Rose

Ms Amaranthus

Ms Cotton

Ms Phylica

Ms Misty

Ms Baby’s Breath

Ms Poppy

Ms King Protea

Ms Queen Protea

Ms Statice

Ms Rice Flower

Ms Billy Buttons

Ms Sea Holly

Ms Straw Flower

Flowers that dry well Sydney delivery and Australia Wide

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