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Cut flowers that FLOAT your Blooming BOAT!

We are all customised by the idea that cut flowers are displayed in a vase or in floral foam.

But what if i could tell you that there is an additional avenue to add to the list of cut flower support systems.

All you need to do is behead the cut flower from the stem and place it into water. i.e. a bath or pool.

A client of mine approached me to deliver a blooming floral bash for her daughters sixteen birthday pool party. The event was in spring in the month of October my favourite month of the year because its also my birth month.

My clients request was, she wanted the floral message for the birthday party to be quirky, feminine, colourful and memorable.

So the first thing i decided to do was to fill the whole swimming pool with beheaded hot pink Dahlia’s.

Whether your platform is a swimming pool to play with cut flowers or a household bath. The sight of floating cut flowers is a sight you will appreciate for many moments in time.

Unfortunately not all cut flowers are capable of floating. To save you time i have put together a short list of cut flowers that are able to float.

Ms Camellia

Ms Gerbera

Ms Chrysanthemum (Mums)

Ms Hydrangea

Ms Rose

Ms Strawflower

Ms Frangipani

Mr Dahlia

Mr Oriental Lily (Star Gazer)