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Edible Cut-flowers safe for CAKE delivery Australia Wide

“So what are you waiting for”, express what you want to say with the gift of cut flowers”!!

Getting married or are you celebrating an anniversary?

CAKE and cut-flowers are the perfect duo for any occasion. 

To date, I still struggle walking past a cake shop without making a purchase. Watching what you eat at my age so I can fit into a size 8 dress, It’s totally torture.

I want to EAT CAKE WITH CUT-FLOWERS, Delivered to me in a hurry PLEASE!!

So tell me how many times have you come across a cut-flower that looks and smells so good, that you just want to EAT IT!

Many times, I must say. They all look so good, I just want to EAT them all. 



Not all Cut-flowers are EDIBLE.

Psst! Buy your blooming produce from Floral Gossip or just grow your own. Pre order your edible cut-flowers from your local florist and make sure they are organic as they are more likely not to contain harmful chemicals.

Gently cold wash your cut-flowers, removing unwanted bugs and dirt.

Psst! Click on the word para-film for another window of information to open for extra information.

Re-cut the stems for their last drink before you para-film the whole stem of each cut-flower.

This creates the safe barrier between the stem and the cake.

Blooming ALERT Remove pistils and stamens before eating.

To keep you blooming safe, I have put together a list for you to get blooming started.

Pre order your edible cut flowers for your CAKE! We deliver Sydney and Australia Wide!

  • Mr & Mrs Peony
  • Ms Lavender
  • Ms Marigold
  • Ms Snapdragon
  • Ms Cornflower
  • Ms Nasturtiums
  • Ms Lilac
  • Ms Queen’s Ann Lace
  • Ms Carnation
  • Ms Chrysanthemum
  • Ms Sunflower
  • Ms Rose
  • Mr Violet

Happy Blooming CAKE EATING my Darling Blossom’s.

Flowers for cake deliveredFlowers for cake delivered

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