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Edible Cut-flowers safe for CAKE!

Getting married or are you celebrating an anniversary?

CAKE and cut-flowers are the perfect duo.

To date, i still struggle walking past a cake shop without making a purchase. Watching what you eat at my age so i can fit into a size 8 dress, I’m totally so close to rebelling.


So tell me how many times have you come across a cut-flower that looks and smells so good, that you just want to EAT IT!

Many times, i must say. They all look so good, i just want to EAT them all.


Not all Cut-flowers are edible.

Psst! Buy your blooming produce from a reputable organic store or just grow your own. It is not advised to buy edible cut-flowers from your local florist as they are more likely to heavily saturated with pesticides and harmful chemicals.

Gently cold wash your cut-flowers, removing unwanted bugs and dirt. Re-cut the stems for their last drink before you para-film the whole stem of each cut-flower. This creates the safe barrier between the stem and the cake.

Blooming ALERT – Remove pistils and stamens before eating.

To keep you blooming safe, i have put together a list for you to get blooming started.

  • Mr & Mrs Peony
  • Ms Lavender
  • Ms Marigold
  • Ms Snapdragon
  • Ms Cornflower
  • Ms Nasturtiums
  • Ms Lilac
  • Ms Queen’s Ann Lace
  • Ms Carnation
  • Ms Chrysanthemum
  • Ms Sunflower
  • Ms Rose
  • Mr Violet

Happy Blooming CAKE EATING my Darling Blossom’s.