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Mercedes Sarmini from Floral Gossip Sydney, give the gift of flowers

Kellogg’s Cornflakes TV Commercial 2021 with Mercedes

“So what are you waiting for”, express what you want to say with the gift of cut flowers”!!!

What a privilege to be apart of this great team.


How does Kellogg’s Cornflakes make you feel Mercedes?


Kellogg’s Cornflakes makes me feel AUSTRALIAN!” – Mercedes

Growing up as a child in the western suburbs of Sydney, my morning breakfast was always Kellogg’s Cornflakes and the back up cereal if Kellogg’s Cornflakes was not available, was Sanitarium Weet BIX!

This TV ad campaign was reminding all Australian’s to wake up fresh each morning and think Kellogg’s Cornflakes to start their new day.

The ad featured everyday working Australian’s. In my case, myself in my own work environment.

One of the reasons they chose me is because I add edible cut flowers to my cereal.

Edible cut flowers did I hear right?

Blooming right you did. Your really missing out if you don’t add edible cut flowers to your cereal every morning.

I want to thank all the crew on the day of filming and editing the Kellogg’s Cornflakes commercial, a lot of people work behind the scenes, from directors, producers, editors, camera film crew, food stylist, hair and make up, photographers, casting agent and Wafex Wildflowers.

They all promised to use Floral Gossip next time there sending flowers to Sydney or Australia Wide.

Dreams really come true, all in good timing I believe, but my ultimate dream is to bring cut flowers into everybody’s home.

A DIY TV segment or SHOW (series) of how to put flowers together from floral posies to bouquets and onto floral sheaf’s and wreaths and so on and so on.

“Let’s get Floral – Australia” with Mercedes your local Florist

It’s been 22 years in the making and as the old saying GOES……………..

Good thing’s come to those who BLOOMING WAIT!

Mercedes X

Flower delivery in Sydney and Australia Wide

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Kellogg's Cornflakes