"Cut flowers make my heart SING"

Mercedes is simply passionate about flowers and knows them better than just about anyone else.

For Mercedes it’s personal. As a young girl she was bullied at school. She found safety, love and delight in the garden and in the flowers she nurtured every morning and afternoon. Flowers were her not so imaginary friends.
Mercedes, is a qualified trainer in the art of floristry. She has presented over 100 floral live shows with Flower Power, Floraide ACT, Bunnings Warehouse and the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show.
With 20 years floral experience and two operating flower businesses Flowers By Mercedes & Floral Gossip, Mercedes is on a floral mission to spread smiles around the world. Her message is simple:

``Flowers make you happy.``
Mercedes Image
Mercedes Image

So happy in fact that Mercedes is writing a series of books, Floral Gossip – Blooming Personalities Book 1 – 7, which shares her vast knowledge of cut flowers, their stories and romantic lives, as well as tips on how to make sure your cut flowers live and love longer.

Mercedes has previously published DIY Flower Arranging for Kids and has a series of Floral Gossip 8 Educational videos.

Mercedes, ‘the Blooming Blossom’ is also on Radio, live with the Real World Gardener every Wednesday nights at 5.45 pm with Marianne Cannon 2RRR 88.5 FM and Radioactive with Amie Jules every Wednesday night at 6 pm 2RRR 88.5 FM.

So, stop, do more than smell the blooming roses, get to understand them and all the other amazing cut flowers that make you happy.

Flowers By Mercedes

At Flowers By Mercedes we say that if you wake up to cut flowers you are guaranteed a better start to the day. Mercedes mission is to spread smiles all over the world with the use of cut flowers.