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Mr Dahlia

Mr Dahlia comes from a tribe that is the 2nd largest tribe in the cutflower kingdom; the largest tribe is the Orchidaceae family.

MEXICO’s National flower since 1963.

Mr. Dahlia comes in Different Outfits  he comes dressed as a Pom Pom, Single flowered, Decorative, Peony Dahlia & Semi Cactus just to name a few.

Mr Dahlia is so ornamental his used for decorative purposes such as Cakes, tarts and pastries and alongside cheeses, desert or just garnish.

Mr Dahlia is serious business amongst its loved ones and fans, it’s so serious they have Dahlia Competition’s – one of the competitions is at the Easter SHOW!

Cut flower Care

  1. Keep cool! Never place in direct sun.
  2. Plug up with wet cotton wool for transport, fill up hollow stem with water before submerging into vase of water
  3. Strip leaves from the bottom half of each stem and wash stems thoroughly.
  4. Recut flush at least 3 cm off each stem with sharp secateurs and place in warm water.
  5. Use flower food – this will help the cut flowers last longer.
  6. Replace vase burped water every day if it’s not flower food water.
  7. To maximize Mr Dahlia vase life, cut stem flush & pass it over an open flame.
  8. Then put stems into warm water & place in a cool dark place overnight.