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Mr Tiger Lily Flower Delivery Sydney Australia Wide

“So what are you waiting for”, express what you want to say with the gift of cut flowers”!!

All cut flowers speak a universal language. The language that travels in a vibration and frequency force that feeds our human spirit.

It’s a language that has been forgotten, lost in the past and left in the dark.

Forgotten, NO MORE! Order online

At Floral Gossip, we are passionate about resurrecting the forgotten once upon a time floral messages, to have today, ready to be shared floral messages for our BLOOMING human race.

Send someone you love cut flowers Sydney delivery and Australia Wide.

I have put together a few subjects that I feel you will find blooming interesting about Mr Tiger Lily.

Flower Care

  1. Keep cool at all times.
  2. Strip off leaves from half way down of each stem.
  3. Re cut flush at least 3 cm off each stem with sharp secateurs and place in water.
  4. Flower food is essential as this will help buds open and maintain fragrance.
  5. Replace burped water every 2nd day.
  6. You may remove the pollen-containing anthers if you wish, but this can damage the flowers and reduce vase life.
  7. Avoid excess sugar.


1. Avoid stems with fully opened flowers & the blooms easily damage during transport.

2. Remove the anthers before fluffing out to avoid pollen stains on clothing & furniture.

3. Bright light is essential (no direct sunlight) to accelerate blooming & strong colour.

4. Pollen staining on clothing is best removed with sticky tape or spray with hairspray and leave overnight, then wash as normal.

5. It is recommended to purchase Mr Tiger Lily in bud, for lasting enjoyment.

6. Don’t allow Mr Tiger Lily to dry out as it will stunt blooming growth.


Energetic Properties

Mr Tiger Lily helps lift away depression. It activates building self-esteem, weight loss, criticism, helps you release excess baggage & invites calmness.

The yellow Lily helps you attract prosperity, abundance, healing finances and attracting money. A great cut flower if you’re planning to save for your next vacation.

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