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Floral Gossip

Mr Violet

When Josephine married Napoleon, she wore blue Violet’s, and on each anniversary Josephine received a bouquet of Mr Violet from Napoleon.

Following Napoleon’s triumph, the French Bonapartists chose Mr Violet as their emblem, and nicknamed Napoleon “Corporal Violet”.

It is said that when Napoleon died, he wore a locket around his neck that contained Mr Violet he had picked from the late Josephine, grave site.

Nicknamed hearts-ease, Mr Violet has been used for the physical and emotional heart for thousands of years.

Southern France cultivates in large quantities Mr Violet for her fragrant oil that then is used in calibration with other scented oils to make perfume.

Mr Violet is also known to have a ‘flirty’ scent as its fragrance comes and goes. This is because Ionone is present in Mr Violet DNA, acting as a switch on and off button that temporarily desensitises the receptors in the nose, making it only possible for humans to smell the fragrant compound for moments at a time.

Flower Care His a Cross dresser -Slip on the heels

(starts off at seed then becomes rhizome)

  1. Keep cool at all times.
  2. Wash off dirt/mud from each stem end before assembling.
  3. Re cut at least 1 cm off each stem and place in water immediately.
  4. Flower food is highly recommended for longevity.
  5. Replace filtered water every day or flower food water every 3rd day.