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Ms Gerbera

Ms Gerbera is named after German born Dr Traug Gerber.

There are now over 200 varieties available in every colour imaginable including blue.

Newer varieties have double petals, giving a fluffy look to the flower, or thin, spidery petals, or wider, thicker petals.

The popularity of Ms Gerbera sky-rocketed since the 1990’s and is today rated #4 on the Dutch Auction System. 

Ms Gerbera currently sits the fifth most popular cut flower in the world behind Ms Rose, Ms Carnation, Ms Chrysanthemum and Mr Tulip.

Ms Gerbera extract has many uses in the cosmetic industry ranging from lipsticks to nail polishes and to the making of perfumes.

Cutflower Care – She’s a Waterholic

Keep cool! Do not place in drafts or place in full sun.

Unpack and get into water as soon as possible as these flowers dry out quickly.   Take the wrapping off – A BIG No to keep in wrapping!

Recut, slip on the heels at least 3 cm off each stem with sharp secateurs and place in water.

Use flower food as this will keep flowers looking fresh.   When you change the water in vase – recut the stems TOO!

Replace vase water with fresh flower every 3rd day.  

Ms Gerbera is very sensitive to ethylene. Keep her away from fruit, car exhausts & cigarette smoke.

Keep Ms Gerbera away from draft, heat and direct sunlight.

Gerberas will naturally bend towards the light. Wiring each stem will prevent it. Caution don’t wire up the inside of the stem as this will affect water uptake.

Immediately after the stems are cut, place Ms Gerbera in a deep vase of warm flower food solution. It is recommended to leave them in a cool, dark room or refrigerator to hydrate or ‘condition’ for up to 3 hours before arranging.