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Floral Gossip

Ms Lilac

All cut flowers speak a universal language. The language that travels in a vibration and frequency force that feeds our human spirit.

It’s a language that has been forgotten, lost in the past and left in the dark.

Forgotten, NO MORE.

At Floral Gossip, we are passionate about resurrecting the forgotten once upon a time floral messages, to have today, ready to be shared floral messages for our BLOOMING human race.

I have put together a few subjects that i feel you will find blooming interesting about Ms Lilac.

Flower Care

  1. Keep cool at all times.
  2. Strip leaves from the lower half of each stem and wash stem ends thoroughly.
  3. Cut flowers last longer if most of the leaves are stripped from each branch.
  4. Re cut, slip on the heels at least 3 cm off each stem with sharp secateurs and place in water.
  5. Do not bash or split stems.
  6. Always use flower food as this will help maintain the perfume.
  7. Replace vase water with fresh flower food on 3rd day.
  8. Ms Lilac is very sensitive to ethylene. Keep her away from ripening fruit, car exhausts and cigarette smoke.


1. Filtered or burped water in Vase (medium fill). Does not perform at its best in floral foam.

2. She has a woody stem = Waterholic

3. Scold Ms Lilac before cutting stem to loosen the woody stem tissue which then   encourages easy water flow as Ms Lilac love to drink a lot.

4. Do not mix Ms Lilac with other cut flowers as its sap can reduce the vase life of other cut flowers, unless if Ms Lilac has been left to stand on its own for 24 hours.

5. To reduce water losses do not remove the upper leaves on stem of Ms Lilac.

Energetic Properties

Think of me of the mother protecting child cut flower. My motherly instinct is to help you find balance in your everyday life.

I am the perfect cut flower if you suffer anxiety and depression. I will aid giving you get up and go energy balance with toning it down.