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Floral Gossip

NO RUSH for water Cut-flowers

It’s no secret, we all feel anxious to get our cut-flowers to water as soon as possible. Of course temperture plays a role in the equation.

Use your logic in this scenario i say.

If the temperature is unbearable for you to handle, imagine how then the cut-flowers would feel like?

Running retail florists and the floristry academy required a lot of visits to the flower markets and flower growers.

Packing and unpacking the van is an art.

Foliage’s and woody stemmed cut flowers are packed first as they are the heavy weights. Then come the middle weight cut flowers and then i finish off with the light weight cut flowers e.g. Ms Sweet Pea and Mr Dendrobium Orchid.

This valuable floral packing the van system prevents breakage and creasing. Prevention is better than cure as they have always said.

The budded cut flowers that i don’t rush into water after returning to the flower shop from the flower market or flower growers are –

Mr Iris

Mr Gladioli

Mr Lily

Mr Bird of Paradise

Mr Alstroemeria

Mr Belladonna Lily

Mr Calla Lily

Mr Cymbidium Orchid

Mr Heliconia

Ms Banksia

Ms Rose

Ms Carnation

Ms Sunflower