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The Asian Cut-flower LIST!

The first thing that comes to mind when my mind runs with Asia is the sublime cuisine and a thriving economy.

Asian culture is so rich in ancient history its no wonder why they still hold an important existence is today’s society.

I remember growing up in the 80’s when Chinese food night was a novelty to a 10 year old. I loved using Chinese chop sticks over dinner with little success i struggled to eat my dinner as quickly as i would normally using a spoon or fork.

I was always fascinated with Asian culture, from the cuisine, to their people and of course China’s great wall.

It is not to my surprise to discover over my floral career that the most memorable cut-flowers come from Asia.

Just like their culture i hopelessly fell in love with Asia’s most spoken of and loved cut-flowers.

Let me introduce you to the Asian cut-flower LIST below and just like me get ready to hopelessly fall in LOVE.

Ms Rose – China

Ms Delphinium – China, Europe, North America & tropical Africa

Ms Chrysanthemum – Asia & Northeastern Europe

Ms Carnation – Asia, Southern & Central Europe

Ms China Aster – China, Korea & North America

Ms Lilac – Eastern Asia, Balkan Peninsula & South Eastern Europe

Ms Calendula – South West Asia, Mexico, Central America & The Mediterranean

Mr & Mrs Peony – China, Japan, Tibet & Siberia    

Mr Dendrobium Orchid – South East Asia, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Pacific Islands & Australia

Mr Tiger Lily – Northern Asia, Japan & to eastern & central North America.