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Floral Gossip

The Cut-flowers to GIFT to someone you DON”T LIKE!

The mother in law from HELL or the boss you wished who left to another planet.We have all been there.

Come on lets be transparent, we have all had someone in our lives that we can’t stand. The thought or sight of them gets under your skin that you can’t help but to look around for a disposable paper bag or bucket.

Thankfully i have never gifted anyone cut-flowers i didn’t like but i must confess i have had a few handfuls of customers over the many years at my flower shop who have asked me to identify those cut-flowers to gift.

I have mentioned many times that there is a cut-flower for every occasion, and this occasion certainly takes the blooming head OFF!

I have put a list together for you to get you started.

Happy gifting Blossom’s.

Mercedes X

Ms Misty – as Misty ages, she slowly climbs up the scent of cat urine.

Ms Ornament Kale – as it ages in the vase it will smell like an unbearable visit to the baby soiled nappy bin.

Mr Lily (Star Gazer) – it will take 7 days before the scent starts to develop into a headache and some have reported the suffering of a migraine.

Mr Lily (November) – represents condolences (death). A huge backhand feeling to the receiver.

Ms Gardenia – brown up quickly, normally in 2 days. As soon as Ms Gardenia is celebrated she is then mourned. Certainly a kill joy to the receiver.

Sea Holly – it’s long lasting as a cut-flower but the leaves, stem and cut-flower are spiky. Symbolic to how you feel about the receiver.

Ms Echinacea – the petals are not long lasting as the cone looking center. The cone is favorably spiky, symbolic to how you feel towards the receiver. The petals although not so long lasting but the cone is the main attraction serving a sweet and soar interpretation.

Ms Rose – a dozen tall stemmed beheaded Roses. Presented as a bouquet/sheaf or in a presentation box.