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The LUCKY Cut flowers for your WEDDING DAY!

Meeting the love of your life and then celebrating your LOVE on the most memorable day in your relationship, your WEDDING DAY is just the blooming ULTIMATE.

What’s even more ULTIMATE is protecting and enhancing what you love, dearly.

Floral protection and prosperity was practised for centuries in different traditions, cultures, rituals and customs. Its no wonder why, it’s so commonly used at WEDDING’S!

Acting as your blooming Guardian ANGEL, these cut flowers are sure to make a LONG LASTING impression!

Ms Carnation

Associated Chakra – Root & heart

A favourite amongst European brides. Ms Carnation injects you with faithfulness, commitment and not surprisingly – attracting soul-mate relationships! Healing description – Ms Carnation is a wonderful relationship cut flower. Ms Carnation ensures that things always work out positively and that both partners are equally invested.

Ms Baby’s Breath

Associated Chakra – Root, Crown, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, 3rd eye & Sacral.

A favourite amongst Christian brides. Ms Baby’s Breath has the ability to anchor energy, highly recommended to have in your Bridal Bouquet. So when you’re taking your marital vows, Ms Baby’s Breath will be helping your vows to be set in Stone.

Ms Gardenia

Associated Chakra – Root, Heart & Crown

A favourite amongst Tahiti brides. Feeling low on energy, Ms Gardenia is here to lift your spirits.

I am here to help you forget about all your worries and stresses in your life.

Ms Marigold

Associated Chakra – Solar plexus & Heart

A favourite amongst English brides. Ms Marigold safely shields off any bad energy and low vibrations gravitating your way. Be prepared to experience the self-esteem and self-confidence lift as he take flight into your next level.

Ms Lavender

Associated Chakra – Root, 3rd Eye & Sacral.

A favourite amongst Irish brides. Ms Lavender is here to hold your hand on your spiritual journey. She will enhance your clairvoyance and ease your anxieties in life.

Ms Lavender is also used to clear out evil energy and I have the power to rid away evil spirits who contaminate your space.

Mr Helleborus

Associated Chakra – Nil

A favourite amongst Scandinavian brides. Mr Helleborus invites tranquility into your busy life and protects you against scandal and anxiety that may drop into your life.

Mr Helleborus paves forward a beautiful coming year custom made especially for you, with no interruptions.

Ms Rose

Associated Chakra – Root, Heart & Sacral.

A favourite amongst Greek brides. Ms Rose helps you attract love; it will help you enhance passion and romance.

Ms Rose will also help you increase your motivation and self-healing and she will also help you to opening up your heart chakra.

Mr Tiger Lily

Associated Chakra – Solar plexus 

A favourite amongst Polynesian brides. Mr Tiger Lily gives you protection from Spirits & bring light to truth & union. I am here to also help you release emotional baggage. I will also invite honour into your hearts and keep your relationships long lasting.