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Floral Gossip

The South African Cut-flower LIST!

What a beautiful world we live in. Beauty surrounds us everyday with Mother’s Nature’s reminder of all things, are great and wonderful.

She certainly knows how to turn it on with abundance, when it comes to plants and cut-flowers.

Just like us humans, we all represent different cultures of the world, expressing our differences through, food, music, dance, language and fashion just like the cut-flowers of the world.

South Africa is known for it’s vibrant and harsh landscapes, exotic culture and let’s not forget it’s cut-flowers too.

In this BLOG, i want to share with you the exciting news of where the below listed cut-flowers birth place originates from.

Remember, every cut-flower has a birthplace, meaning, language and medicinal value.

Different floral faces but the same, when it comes to their heritage.

Let me introduce you to the Male and Female cut-flowers of South Africa.

Mr Birds of Paradise – South Africa

Ms King Protea – South Africa

Ms Lecadendendron – South Africa

Ms Gerbera – South Africa

Mr Geranium – South Africa

Mr Agapanthus – South Africa

Ms Pink Ice Protea – South Africa

Mr Calla Lily – South Africa

Mr Crocus – South Africa

Mr Freesia – South Africa

Mr Gladioli – Europe, West Asia & South Africa