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Christmas Cut flowers

Christmas and the weeks leading up to it are a wonderful time of year, especially for cut flowers.

Snow, chesnuts, holly, christmas trees, eggnog, Reindeers, red noses ….


If you live in Australia Christmas is different.

For starters it’s hot. Even Father Christmas has to peel off a few layers of his red, snow-encrusted outer layer to make it through his present delivery Down Under.

For me Christmas is about memories, the memory of scents, cakes, pine, flowers. But that was another country and many decades ago now.

So what does Christmas in Australia mean to me in terms of cut flowers?

Here’s my pick of the top 10 cut flowers you should select to infuse your home with the spirit of Christmas, where-ever you come from, whatever your memories are. Check out my website if you want tips on how to cut, water and care for your cut flowers to make them last longer.

Mr Dahlia (White or Red)

Mr Alstroemeria

Ms Anemone (White) 

Ms Gardenia

Mr & Mrs Peony (Red)

Mr Tulip (Red)

Mr Calla Lily (White)

Mr Gladioli (Red)

Ms Baby’s Breath

Ms Carnation (Red)

If you are not sure about what cut flowers to choose or how to care for them contact me at