"Nothing blooms in darkness"
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We take cut flowers personally here at Floral Gossip, in fact so personally we believe cut flowers bring you extreme happiness

Mercedes is passionate about giving back to the community that she has developed a series of eight DIY Flower Arranging Workshop Video’s designed to get you ready for your new hobby. A new highly sorted hobby that is going to leave you extra happy and wanting more.

The DIY Floral Arranging Beginners Workshop Program is the perfect entry into understanding what makes flowers bloom for longer and look better. It’s packed with so many floral secrets, tips and stories (so much better than War and Peace or Dangerous Liaisons) that you’ll be blooming for more.

Want to be a florist?

Welcome to - The 8 Part Hobby Floral Educational Series

1. Floral Halo

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2. Mini Box Arrangement

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3. Front View Arrangement

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Materials you will need for floral class


ScissorsFlorist secateurs.

Florist sundries, i.e. ribbon, no. 6 bowl, floral foam, pot tape, wire, parafilm etc.

Newspaper, dustpan and brush & bin.

Cut flowers. Cut flowers are supplied by you.

An apron

PLEASE NOTE: Make sure your bench areas are clean and your tools are clean.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the online floral workshop participants should have:

Learnt how to select cut flowers for various arrangements.

Gained basic knowledge in cut flower preparation and handling.

Learnt how to prolong cut flower life.

Learnt how to arrange cut flowers in a variety of different styles.