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Anxiety & Depression? These are the Cut-flowers that can help you with the Management!

The ‘pressures’ of life can really take a toll on you and before you know it your now 40 years old & the pressures of life that you once had under control and now becoming a struggle to handle compared to your twenties & thirties. It all catches up to you, the layers of each year you have ploughed through are now crowded at your door at your forties, pushing to come through with no invitation.

Like most of women in our forties, i felt confused, scared & felt so alone.


Like most i visited my family doctor seeking answers.

I soon discovered that i suffer ANXIETY. Part me felt relief, i know now whats up with me, but i also felt shame.

Why you maybe asking?

All my life i have been the hardest critic on myself. A survivor & a trend setter all happened to happen in my life by accident. I don’t recommend the accidental road i took in my life as it’s so unfair & brutal on your spirit.

Change is scary but i decided to celebrate it, so i started to research in depth natures remedies that help with the management of anxiety & it’s attachments. After a lot of trial’s & errors i put the below cut-flower list to use in most rooms in my house, especially Ms Jasmine in my bedroom and bathroom. I very soon discovered the power of change. Rejoicing in that I was on the right road back, to the past of how i felt in my twenties & thirties was my gift of a second chance.

I encourage you to take up the cut-flowers i have recommended below into your daily lives and experience the power of difference.

Ms Lavender – gives you comfort and washes away all you fear & anxiety.

Ms Jasmine – soothes nervous tension, defuses aggression & helps balance out mood swings, hormones, libido, boost concentration, alertness & happiness.

Ms Hypericum – gives protection from negative spiritual entities & trickery.

Ms Gardenia – can help dispel bad feelings & energies in our lives.

Ms Echinacea – helps in reducing exhaustion, fatigue, fear & accelerates the speed of healing preliminary and post trauma.

Mr Violet – aid in calming down angry emotions & relieves nervous irritability.