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Floral Gossip

Ms Gardenia

Ms Gardenias is called “kuchinashi” in Japanese. This literally means “no mouth” and is a reference to the fruits which do not open, even when ripe.

Gardenias fragrance is just out of this world and their deep green, glossy leaves make a perfect contrast to their white flowers. Depending on the variety of gardenia they flower any time from spring through to early summer. I often simply pick just one flower and pop it in a shallow bowl supported by some soft wire.

Ms Gardenia loves humid climate, she thrives on it as it’s a sub-tropical Cutflower & bright lights not direct light is needed in order to thrive

 “There are many gardenia cultivars but the perennial favorite is Gardenia augusta ‘Florida’”

Ms Gardenia is related to the Coffee family. She’s temperamental, so you must handle with care as she bruises easily

Cut flower Care 

  1. Must be keep cool at all times – refrigerate in a sealed container.
  2. Recut, slip on the heels at least 3 cm off each stem with sharp secateurs and place in water.
  3. Float in saucer of water or place in cotton wool soaked with preservative – make sure cotton wool does not dry out.
  4. Always use flower food.
  5. Replace water in saucer with fresh preservative every day.
  6. Touching gardenia petals can induce brown marks – only touch the stem.
  7. Misting can also induce petal browning.
  8.  Very cold sensitive (air conditioning not ideal).
  9. Lack of sunlight will discolour Ms Gardenia.