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Supervise your pets from these Cut flowers

We all love our loyal fury blooming friends and we are all concerned about they’re well being.

I’m a pet owner, my blooming cat is named Champagne. He loves me dearly and he also loves cut flowers. Over the years i discovered that Champagne was vomiting up his food and his number two’s where softer than usual.

As you would i took him to the vet and after the check up the vet took me aside and asked me if i have been noticing a few missing blooms in my floral bouquets that i have around my home.

A matter of fact YES. Why do you ask i said?

He went on to advise me that there are cut flowers that are harmful to animals and the results can be not just harmful but fatal.

Immediately i rushed home and gave away my cut flowers to the neighbours and i began my quest to find out which cut flowers are harmful to our loyal fury blooming friends.

The list may shock you but don’t be deterred from purchasing these cut flowers, just be extra careful with having your pets around them.

Supervision is the blooming key.

Mr Tiger Lily

Mr Freesia

Mr Iris

Mr Tulip

Ms Chrysanthemum

Ms Carnation

Ms Hydrangea

Ms Sweet Pea

Mr Hyacinth

Mr & Mrs. Peony

Mr Gladioli

Ms Delphinium

Mr Alstroemeria

Ms Baby’s Breath

Ms Gardenia

Mr Daffodil

Mr Dahlia