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Floral Gossip

CHEERS to Cut-flower Liquor

Always dubbed the beauty accessory of life and wear to all cut-flower lovers but not so surprisingly, as also an alcoholic drink.

According to some wine and spirit makers you won’t get alcohol from cut-flowers alone, or at least not much at all because there just isn’t enough sugar in the cut-flowers for the fermentation process to create a meaningful amount of alcohol.

On the other side of the blooming fence there are some wine and spirit makers that would strongly disagree and passionately educate you on the list of cut-flowers that absolutely do so.

I don’t want to argue, i just want to love and drink.

“Waiter, can you make that another two glasses of Elderflower wine, please”.

Below is a list of cut-flowers that absolutely make a blooming top shelf drop that will take you to EDEN and back again.

Mahua Cut-flower – rich in sugar and minerals, a sacred liquor drink enjoyed by the Adivasis.

Elderflower Cut-flower – is an infused liquor referred to as “bartender’s ketchup”. Enjoyed as the perfect finishing touch to most cocktails and makes the perfect match with Champagne.

Violet Cut-flower – The tiny blooms produce a liquor that is as vibrant in colour as it is in flavor. Mixes very well into cocktails, this blooming gem of liquor is a stand out spring flavour for all special occasions.

Iris Cut-flower – Prized for its use in perfumery from its homage dotted hillsides of Tuscany. Iris liquor is a stands out when it comes to taste and depth. Its highly aromatic as the liquor is produced from the Iris cut-flower and rhizome. A drop worth celebrating i say, cheers to Iris liquor.

Rose Cut-flower – Bursting with natural sugars these hand picked Rose petals create the balanced liquor effect that pairs magically with classic cocktails and Champagne.

Dandelion Wine – With top shelf medicinal properties bursting at the seams, these cut-flower are used to make a light and floral country wine. It’s also used as a tonic. So next time you see your lawn full of Dandelion blooms, celebrate with a drink or two.

Daisy Wine – Considered by many to be a weed, but on a positive note, its been used to assist with coughs, scrapes and cuts. When it comes to wine, Ox-eye daisies has been said to make a smooth floral drop.

Elderflower Wine – With the blooming reputation to deliver a floral, light taste, crisp taste Elderflower makes also a delicious wine. Elderflower berries are so breath taking in colour that they are used to assist in the enhancement of colour for other grape wines. Undoubtedly, Elderflower berries on their own make a fabulous drinking wine.