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Floral Gossip

Cut flowers of many TEA’S

I have always enjoyed a cup of tea especially in winter. I soon discovered later in life, it is just as enjoyable cold, especially in the months of summer.

Growing up i witnessed tea as an extension to all meals that mum cooked at meal time and especially when to came to visiting my relatives and family friends on festive occasions.

Every tea has its own flavour, aroma and most interestingly health benefits too. There has never been a better time to drink tea than now i say.


Because your health is your blooming wealth and cut-flowers to drink is just like HEAVEN on EARTH.

Below are some of the teas that i enjoy most, so i highly recommend you to try them.

Hoping to see you drinking blooming tea soon as much as i do.

Ms Rose Tea – Aids in fighting inflammation, containing anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, it helps in boosting digestion and weight loss.

Ms Marigold Tea – Aids as a missionary to help balance oxidative stress and inflammation in your body.

Ms Jasmine Tea –  Aids in the lowering of your risk of heart disease, mental health decline and certain cancers. It also assists in weight loss, the improvement of oral health and boost brain function.

Ms Chrysanthemum Tea – Aids in treating chest pain (angina), type 2 diabetes, fever, high blood pressure, cold, headache, swelling and dizziness.

Ms Chamomile Tea – is packed with antioxidants that assist in lowering your risk of heart disease and cancer. It also aids in sleep help and digestion.

Ms Lavender Tea – is used as digestive aid, in vomiting, nausea, upset stomach, abdominal swelling and intestinal gas. It also helps with digestive problems and relieves pain from headaches, toothaches and sprains.

Ms Echinacea Tea – Aids in fighting inflammation and helps with blood sugar, blood pressure and anxiety not to mention, it is also packed with antioxidants which contains antiviral properties and is as an immune-strengthening agent.

Mr & Mrs White Peony Tea – containing blood thinning properties it aids in the improvement function of the arteries and healthy blood vessels. . It also helps in the management control of high blood pressure.

Ms Carnation Tea – Strengthens metabolism and helps to improve blood circulation and breaks down toxins in our bodies. Highly beneficial to women who are experiencing irregular period.

Ms Hydrangea Tea – a super heron when it comes to kidney and bladder problems she is super potent to trespassers. Also known to contain antiseptic, tonic and diuretic properties.