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Christmas Wreath 

It’s starting to look a little BIT like a HOT Christmas in the wonderful part of the world AUSTRALIA!

Surf and Turf, Slip Slops, Bikini’s, Koala’s, and Kangaroo’s and of course SANTA with his SUNGLASSES, Sunscreen, Reindeers and red noses ….


If you if you want Father Christmas to visit you this Christmas.

You must mark the front door of your house with a floral wreath.


Make sure you choose cut flowers that will dry out beautifully because you don’t want to disappoint Santa or your friends and family with a wreath that just looks dead.

The cut flowers I recommend are ones that are quite hardy (they will survive you forgetting water them occasionally) and even when they do dry out they’ll still look good, not dead.

So what does Christmas in Australia mean to me and Santa in terms of a cut flower wreath.

  1. Ms Leucospermum (Pinwheel) 
  2. Ms Coccinea 
  3. Ms Billy Buttons 
  4. Ms Banksia
  5. Asparagus Fern 
  6. Ms Geraldton Wax
  7. Ms Pink Ice 
  8. Flowering Eucalyptus 
  9. Little Gem Magnolia
  10. Ms Holly 

You have a couple of choices, either buy a wreath with these cut flowers or make one yourself. Check out my wreath-making video here.

Either way you should give your wreath a good soaking every day. The easiest way to do this is to take it off the door and give it a bath. If it’s really hot you might want to jump into the bath first and cool off then pop the wreath in.

If you are not sure about what cut flowers to choose or how to care for them contact me at

Merry Christmas Blossoms.