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What is your Cut flower signature?

What does, what is your cut flower signature mean?

It’s simple really.

What month of the year were you born?

Well i was born in October. That means my birth month cut flower is Mr Dahlia. So spot on, because the attributes Mr Dahlia carries, i must secretly say, i carry too.

Mr Dahlia, is a Mexican, he loves it HOT! His an amazing floating cut flower with hollow stems. He was a very important cut flower to the Aztec people.

His eatable, a cross dresser, loves attention and highly sensitive to ethylene.

He also opens up my crown and root chakra which keeps me open to the universe and at the same time also grounded to this mother earth of ours.

Below is monthly cut flower list i have gathered for you.

Which month is the blooming YOU?

January – Ms Carnation

February – Mr Iris and Ms Primrose

March – Mr Daffodil

April – Ms Daisy

May – Mr Lily of the Valley

June – Ms Rose

July – Ms Delphinium

August – Mr Gladioli

September – Ms China Aster

October – Mr Dahlia

November – Ms Chrysanthemum

December Ms Holly

I would love to hear about your cut flower signature. Find me on my Facebook page Floral Gossip.

So blooming excited to hear more about the blooming you.

Mercedes X