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Cut flowers for High Tea

Whats trending at the moment with women all over the world is High Tea catch ups with the girls. Any excuse i say to have time off for yourself away from the responsibilities of life.

When i hear the words High Tea i automatically think towers of glorious sandwiches, multitude of cup cakes, forever cut fruit and may i add, cut flowers to make all of the above stand out better

So, what cut flowers do i play with?

When it comes to High Tea gatherings i always think feminine cut flowers.

Cut flowers that are soft, textured, short stemmed and fragrant.

Below is a list i have created for you Blossom’s to get started.

Mr & Mrs Peony

Ms Chamomile

Ms Hibiscus

Ms Jasmine

Ms Marigold

Ms Carnation

Ms Chrysanthemum

 Ms Rose

Ms Lavender

Ms Globe Amaranth

Mr Lily

Ms Camelia

Ms Calendula

Mr Lotus

Ms Passion Flower

Ms Rosella

Ms Bergamont

Ms Borage

Ms Anise – Hyssop

Ms Mullein