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Floral Gossip

Egyptian Era Cut flowers

(2800 BC to 28 BC)

We are all born to be creative, especially when it comes to creating events.

When it comes to cut flowers and events, the first thing you need to ask yourself is what theme do i want to create to entertain my guests?

Playing with cut flowers is so much fun but it can also be frustrating because not all cut flowers are available all year round.

I once had a client who wanted to create an Egyptian floral wonderland for they’re wedding day. They were full of great ideas and with the help of my expertise, together we created an Egyptian floral experience, fit for a King & his Queen.

Below is a list of cut flowers that i worked with for the wedding event with a few extras that i think will also suit the occassion.

Ms Acacia

Ms Rose

Mr Water Lily

Ms Violet

Mr Madonna lily

Mr Crinum Lily

Ms Jasmine

Ms Poppy (red)

Mr Arum Lily

Ms Anemone

Ms Daisy

Ms Chrysanthemum

Ms Cornflower

Mr Iris

Ms Celosia

Ms Lychnis

Ms Mandrake

Ms Myrtle

Mr Lotus (white & blue)

Ms Mignonettes

Ms Immortelle

Mr Dragonwart

Ms Sesban

Ms Epilobium