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Male Cut flowers

What does “Slip on the sneakers & no hairy legs in the vase” mean?

It means, cut the stem of your cut flower flush (straight across) and not as we know it, on an angle when it comes to male cut flowers..

Over the many years working with cut flowers, i discovered that all cut flowers that come from bulbs, corms, tubers and rhizomes if cut flush, they seem to last longer than usual and the stems stay standing straighter longer compared to the common dangling of cut flowers at mouth of the vase.

The reason why Mr Tulip strays from the straight and narrow in you’re vase is because of the diagonal cut at the stem.

The diagonal cut allows to much water to come into the stem from the side causing Mr Tulip to become tipsy, too much drink goes to his head and the effect is clear he struggles to stand straight.

Male cut flowers have enough water deposits in their stems like camels have water/fat storage in their humps.

So if you want your male cut flowers to behave and last longer, don’t forget to slip on the sneaker’s and no hairy legs in the vase.

The male cut flower list

Mr Hyacinth

Mr Tulip

Mr Freesia

Mr Gladioli

Mr Crocus

Mr Iris

Mr Calla Lily

Mr & Mrs. Peony

Mr Tiger Lily      

Mr Alstroemeria

Mr Dahlia

Mr Dendrobium Orchid

Mr Daffodil