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Don’t forget MUM this Mother’s Day!

On 10 May it’s Mother’s Day here in Australia and everybody is either celebrating or remembering they’re MUM.

Most cafes and restaurants are full to the brim with blooming mothers and you can feel the love everywhere around you.

It’s that extra special day of the year where you get a longer hug and kisses from mum especially if you gift her her favourite cut flowers.

It’s the thought that counts right?

Yes, of course.

But if you want to stand out this Mother’s Day in the crowd I recommend do some blooming homework. Like, find out what’s mum’s favourite colour, fragrance and cut flower. Every bit counts when it comes to making an impression to mum this Mother’s Day.

Spending 20 years making many floral bouquets and arrangements for mum’s, I learned very quickly what mum’s mostly like when it comes to cut flowers. So I have put together a list of cut flowers that I recommend this Mother’s Day.

Ms Carnation

Mr Lily of the Valley

Ms Sunflower

Ms Hydrangea

Ms Daisy

Mr Calla Lily

Ms Lilac

Mr Hyacinth

Mr Daffodil

Mr Tulip

Mr & Mrs. Peony

Ms Chrysanthemum

Mr Orchid

Ms Rose

Ms China Aster

Mr Iris

Mr Lily

Mr Violet

Mr Gladioli

Ms Sweet Pea

Mr Freesia

Happy Mother’s Day Blossom’s

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