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Fragrant Cut flowers that make your heart SING!

Coming from an ethnic background i witnessed a lot of my family members not appreciating non fragrant cut flowers. Instead they’re attention steered towards cut flowers that had fragrance.

My mother loved our home grown Jasmine and Honeysuckle cut flowers mixed together with our field Roses. The cut flower combination took you to a far away land where the birds chirped all day and the rolling green hills over looked the crystal blue lagoon.

That’s what cut flowers do to you, if you allow them too.

I soon discovered early in life that cut flowers with fragrance have the ability to trigger childhood memories as my mother demonstrated over the years. Jasmine, Honeysuckle and Roses reminded her of her family outings to the Grand Central Park of Aleppo. It was a place where you could escape and dream, mum said and everybody at at the Grand Central Park was always very happy and free.

Erlicheer and Gardenia cut flowers where also present amongst the other cut flowers in the household garden. Unlike my mother i preferred not to mix my cut flowers together as i wanted to enjoy their own unique fragrance. Erlicheer and Gardenia are not long lasting cut flowers. They last a maximum of 4 days, compared to their other floral colleagues, but hey, I believe love is unconditional and i don’t mind the short stay.

I have put together a list of fragrant cut flowers that i think you will love. Enjoy my darling blossoms, fragrance is like dressing on a salad, without it there is a difference, i believe.

Mercedes X

Ms Carnation

Ms Rose

Mr Hyacinth

Ms Lavender

Mr Freesia

Ms Lilac

Mr Tuber Rose

Mr Lily of the Valley

Ms Stock

Ms Jasmine

Mr Belladonna Lily

Ms Bouvardia

Mr Water Lily