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It’s Easter time with lots and lots of Cut flowers

When it comes to cut flowers Easter is the time of year where mourning Christian’s heal their wounds with gifting each other cut flowers.

Churches are over flowing with cut flowers in some parts of the world but here in Australia we mainly use cut flowers to decorate our family homes especially when the family gathers to eat lunch and dinner at Easter time.

As every cut flower is unique in its message and visuals so are the customers who buy cut flowers. Australian’s don’t have a preference with what cut flowers represents Easter as long as the cut flowers compliment their decor and are long lasting that’s all that matters.

However my customers with ethnic backgrounds take Easter more seriously. In fact so seriously, that they want Easter complimentary cut flowers.

What are the complimentry Easter cut flowers?

They are as below, all gathered from my 20 years of observation with my customers.

Ms Rose

Mr November Lily

Mr Gladioli

Ms Easter Daisy

Ms Chrysanthemum

Ms Carnation

Ms Lisianthus

Mr Lily of the Valley

Ms Lilac

Ms Sweet Pea

Mr Watsonia

Ms Lavender

Mr Crocus

Mr Orchid

Mr Iris