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Ethylene sensitive Cut flowers

How many times have i heard from random people when i’m out, even from my friends and family (in the past). Cut flowers are so expensive and they don’t last long. So i won’t be buying cut flowers very soon.

Sound familiar? It’s so very negative isn’t it?

There are a hand full of contributing factors why cut flowers most of the time do not last as long as they should and one of the reasons is etheylene.

Ethylene is a natural plant hormone released in the form of a gas. This gas then triggers the cells in the cut flower to soften and then droop them.

Ethylene gas accelerates the aging process of cut flowers, so you need to be cautious of having your cut flowers around cigarette smoke, ripening fruit in bowls, outdoors where car fuels are apparent e.g. leaving your cut flowers exposed to a window open to car traffic. All of these events are major contributing factors that play a role in aging your cut flowers.

I have put together a list of ethylene sensitive flowers that you need to give extra attention too if you want them to stick around for LONGER!

Ms Carnation

Ms Rose

Ms Gardenia

Mr Dahlia

Ms Lavender

Mr Crocus

Ms Lilac

Mr Gladioli

Mr Tiger Lily

Mr & Mrs. Peony

Mr Dendrobium Orchid

Mr Freesia

Mr Daffodil

Mr Alstromeria

Mr Iris

Ms Baby’s Breath

Ms Sweet Pea

Ms Snap Dragon

Ms Gerbera

Ms Godetia

Mr Pineapple Lily

Knowledge is blooming POWER, my darling blossoms.

Make the most of it and enjoy cut flowers FOREVER!

Ms Hydrangea & Ms Rose

Mercedes X