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Floral Gossip

Heavenly Dyed Cut flowers

Experimenting in life can be fun, especially when it comes to cut flowers.

As a kid i experimented alot with food and cut flowers. Some made me feel sick and some made me feel on top on the world.

I had great success with changing the colour of some flowers. A white rose will soon transform into a pink rose, a white carnation will soon transform into a green rose and a white daisy will soon transform into a blue daisy.

I felt in the 1980’s that i was the cut flower transformer, now that was a big deal back then because i was competing with the real household name The Transformers, every boy and his dog wanted to be one i remember.

Now keep this in mind not all cut flowers can be dyed. In fact there is only a hand full who can handle the transformation.

Dyed in this case is delivered internally not externally.

Internally, how you may ask?

Food colouring is dropped into the water ready for the cut flower to drink.

Moving forward the cut flower will drink away into the sunset until it becomes the colour that it was drinking.

The cut flowers that can handle a DYE (transformation) are;

  • Ms Carnation
  • Mr Dendrobium Orchid
  • Ms Chrysanthemum
  • Mr Phalaenopsis Orchid
  • Ms Rose
  • Ms Hydrangea
  • Ms Daisy
  • Ms Queen Anne’s Lace
  • Ms Geraldton Wax