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Floral Gossip

Superstitious Cut flowers

We all have goals and dreams in life and sometimes we have a thought that we wish can come true immediately. I have for a very long time used cut flowers to protect myself from bad energies and to heal myself. I must confess part of my success is because i work and surround myself with cut flowers.

So if you struggle with patience and you want the thought to be manifested as soon as possible, i have gathered a few cut flowers for you to help make your manifestation happen.

Mr Hellebore – Mr Hellebore invites tranquility into your busy life and protects you against scandal and anxiety that may drop into your life. In medieval times Mr Hellebore was used for breaking bad spells and curses and was often planted near the front entrance of the house.

Ms Lavender – I am used heavily in spiritual uses as I have the energetic powers to enhance your intuition and your clairvoyance. Cleopatra also used Ms Lavender as a scent in seducing Julius Caesar & Mark Anthony. If you place potted Lavender at the front of your front door entrance, Lavender will repel any demonic evil energy from entering your home.

Ms Marigold – Ms Marigold helps guide the spirits from the cemetery straight to the church alters and loved ones during Dia de los Muertos, the Mexican day of the dead. She also helps guide you through the fog into the clear with confidence.

Ms Rose – helps you heal your past and present wounds that have been holding you back from moving forward. Ask and you shall receive. Trust in the power of positivity and the support of Ms Rose. Ms Rose has been used as a symbol of love for hundreds of years helping you attract love; it will also help you enhance passion and romance.

Ms Poppy – helps you forget your troubles and if your a farmer, planting poppy seeds along side other crops meant guaranteed good crops.