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How to make Cut flowers last LONGER!

Yes, you can make cut flower last longer if you know what type of cut flower you have (female or male) and how they are grown.

For female cut flowers:

“Slip on the heel’s and no hairy legs in the vase.”

It took me more than a decade to discover that the way you cut the stem of a flower will determine how long it will live for.

I discovered that with any cut flower that comes from seed it is best to cut into the stem diagonally i.e. slip on the heels. Cut flowers cut on an angle need extra water to drink up, hence the diagonal cut which allows more water into the cut flower stem leaving the female cut flower happier for longer.

And, of course, you need to cut off any excess leaves that fall below the water line. This reduces rotting and clouding in the water.

Just add water

It’s also important to change the water in your vase on a regular basis as this helps prevent bacteria growing and reducing the length of time your flowers will bloom.

That said, just like us sometimes after an enjoyable evening out or at home, you can pop an aspirin in the water to extend their life.

To help you keep your cut flowers blooming I have put together a list of the “gals” for you to meet and get started.

Enjoy my darling BLOSSOMS.

Mercedes X

Ms Hydrangea              

Ms Rose

Ms Chrysanthemum

Ms Delphinium

Ms Lilac

Ms Gerbera

Ms Baby’s Breath

Ms Calendula

Ms China Aster

Ms Sweet Pea

Ms Sunflower

Ms Lavender

Ms Snap Dragon

Ms Gardenia

Ms Carnation

Ms Acacia

Ms Anemone

Ms Banksia

Ms Molucca Balm

Ms Cornflower

Ms Echinacea

Ms King Protea

Ms Lisianthus

Ms Marigold

Ms Poppy

Ms Pink Ice

Ms St John’s Wort

Ms Ranunculus

Ms Stock

Ms Sweet William

Ms Waratah

Ms Zinnia

Ms Celosia

Ms Erica

Ms Boronia