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Floral Gossip

Male Cut flower’s say female Cut flowers NOT allowed!

You must be blooming kidding RIGHT?

Why Not!

Sounds controversial doesn’t it, but the truth must be spoken.

By now we must know that male cut flowers wear sneaker’s (flush cut) and female cut flowers wear high heels (diagonal cut).

The magic formula is that male cut flowers do better in shallow vase water and female cut flowers do better in medium to 3/4 full vase water.

So, if you mix both floral genders together the above methods are going to be thrown out the window. The male cut flowers will be drowning in the medium to 3/4 full vase water as the female cut flower will be loving it because they are mostly heavy drinkers.

And do we really have time to dissect a floral bouquet, posy or sheaf at the stems and cut accordingly to their gender?

So i thought i would put together a floral female bouquet for you to enjoy and a male one.

Product – Bouquet

Female floral ingredients – Ms Hydrangea, Ms Rose, Ms Snap dragon, Ms Queen Anne’s Lace and Ms Sunflower.

Product – Sheaf

Male floral ingredients – Mr Alstroemeria, Mr Oriental Lily, Mr Gladioli, Mr & Mrs Peony and Mr Phalaenopsis Orchid.