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The Middle Eastern Cut-flowers history and flower delivery

I’m going to teach you the brief history of Middle Eastern flowers and then how you can order Middle Eastern cut flowers arrangements from us.

The birth place of Christ and the birthplace of three major faiths.

Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

A place, not just full of ancient history but a place saturated with an abundance of meaning.

Just like us humans, we all represent different cultures of the world, expressing our differences through, food, music, dance, language and fashion, just like cut-flowers.

The Middle East is known for it’s sweet and soar landscapes and it’s exotic food and culture and let’s not forget, it’s cut-flowers too.

Middle Eastern people celebrate (Weddings) with cut-flowers and morn (Funerals) using cut-flowers. Cut-flowers are used as their interpreters to convey their feelings, whether it’s happy or sad the message is carried forward with the use of cut-flowers.

In this BLOG, i want to share with you where Middle Eastern cut-flowers come from and how you can order them for us.

Every cut-flower has a birthplace, meaning, language and value.

Different floral faces but the same, when it comes their heritage.

Let me introduce you to the Male and Female cut-flowers of the Middle East.

Ms Molucca Balm – Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Caucasus

Mr Ranunculus – Middle East

Mr Hyacinth – Eastern Mediterranean, South Turkey, North Israel, North East Iran & Turkmenistan

Mr Tulip – Turkey

Ms Snapdragon – Morocco, Turkey & Syria

Ms Hypericum – Europe, North Africa & Middle East

Middle eastern flower delivery in Sydney