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Floral Gossip

Mr Geranium

We have all been led to believe that Mr Geranium is just a pot plant, but I disagree he is also a great cut flower and looks very blooming handsome standing up in a vase.

Native to South Africa he seems to be loved so much in Europe, especially in France and Italy. The first geranium plants quickly gained acceptance in England in the 17th century. Then Thomas Jefferson shipped the plant from France to America in 1786 and it gained popularity in American gardens.

For centuries, geraniums had to be grown from cuttings. Favorite varieties were passed down from generation to generation

It’s no wonder why Mr Geranium is so loved, he is full of good luck and his an all rounder, he dries well too.

Be sure to get some blooming Mr Geranium into your life because his more than worth it.

Energetic Properties

Mr Geranium has the ability to help you heal your aura from past damage it has encountered. His energy force fields are limited though because he is not here to protect you all the time from the negatives of the world, as he believes that you must learn how to rely and help yourself.

Once your aura has allied and you feel your now ready to move forward, be rest assured your energetic force field is highly protected and your energy flow is in abundance.

Flower Care

So how can you help your geranium flowers last longer?

He is a cross dresser – Slip on the heels (starts off at seed then becomes rhizome)

  1. Choose stems with buds on them just about to open rather than ones that are in full flower
  2. Keep Mr Geranium is best in semi shaded areas.
  3. Strip leaves from the bottom half of each stem.
  4. Re cut, slip on the heels at least 3 cm off each stem with sharp secateurs and place in luke water.
  5. Flower food is recommended as this will help buds colour up and open fully.
  6. Replace vase water with fresh flower food on 3rd day.
  7. Mr Geranium is sensitive to ethylene. Keep them away from fruit, car exhausts and cigarette smoke.