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The CROSS dressing Cut flowers – The Drag LIST!

Nicknamed the rainbow cut flowers, my gay friends are in love with the Drag List. I remember my of my dear gay friend asked me last Mardi Gras what cut flower do I recommend for the event and I automatically replied the cross dressing cut flowers. He was so over joyed that he lost his balance for a few seconds and couldn’t believe such cut flowers ever existed.

So what does the drag list mean?

As shared with you in my previous blogs, male cut flowers come from bulbs, tubers, rhizomes and corms and female cut flowers come from seed.

Well, cross dressing cut flowers at birth start off seed (female) and grow into rhizomes or tubers (male).

The result a blooming cross dressing cut flower and you have the choice to either slip on the sneakers or high heels. Which ever way you decide to go your cut flower will be happy.

I have put together a list for you to get blooming started for this Mardi Gras.

Enjoy my darling blossoms.

Mercedes X

Mr Geranium,
Mr Hellebore,
Mr Pineapple Lily,
Mr Heliconia,
Mr Violet,
Mr Bird of Paradise,
Mr Anthurium,
Mr Dahlia,
Mr Anemone