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Premium Cut flowers on a TIGHT budget PLEASE!

Preparing for your dream wedding can be ‘exciting’ but on the flip side over whelming too. The never ending appointments with event planners, florists, cake decorators, bridal gown dressmakers and the list keeps going.

It’s no wonder why the Bride & Groom look so forward to their honymoon.

In my career dealing with brides when it comes to bridal bouquets, reception flowers and church flowers i discovered all of them have really good and expensive taste.

However, expensive taste comes with painful purse strings because most brides are on a tight budget.

So what’s the alternative?

Let’s substitute the premium cut-flowers with affordable cut-flowers i say.

The cut-flowers i have chosen have similarities in appearance & fragrance but are at opposite pole ends when it comes to price. This allows the bride to still enjoy the benefits of her dream cut-flowers for her wedding without feeling the post financial guilt.

Ms Rose (Expensive) = Ms Carnation (Substitution)

Ms Gerbera (Expensive) = Ms Calendula (Substitution)

Mr Hyacinth (Expensive) = Mr Erlicheer (Substitution)

Mr Oriental Lily (Expensive) = Mr Asiatic Lily (Substitution)

Ms Gardenia (Expensive) = Ms Stock (Substitution)

Mr & Mrs Peony Rose (Expensive) = Mr Dahlia (Substitution)

Mr Anemone (Expensive) = Ms China Aster (Substitution)

Ms Blushing Bride (Expensive) = Mr Chincerinchee (Substitution)

Mr Heliconia Crab Claw (Expensive) = Mr Bird of Paradise (Substitution)