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The South American Cut-flower LIST!

The Aztec people represented many important roles in ancient history but the most significant to me was their love and appreciation for cut-flowers.

At their peak, The Aztecs, where successfully cultivating Mr Dahlia and Ms Marigold. It’s no surprise to me that they concentrated on Ms Marigold & Mr Dahlia, as they are not just easy on the eye but they’re also edible from root to petal.

No wonder the Aztec people where so strong and healthy because Ms Marigold and Mr Dahlia boosted their immunity and they’re appetite.

Today South America represents a vibrant and colourful culture.

When I’m feeling like a pick me up, i put on South American music and make sure tonight on the menu is one of my favourite on the go meals, Taco’s with extra cheese and Mr Dahlia petals PLEASE!

So if you feel like a holiday to South America but can’t get there because of Covid 19, i say bring South America into your home and workplace.

Below is the Cut-flower LIST i have put to resurrect the South American within you.

Mr Alstroemeria – South America, Peru, Chile, Argentina & Brazil

Mr Dahlia – Mexico & Central America

Ms Lisianthus -North & South America, Mexico & Caribbean

Mr Violet – South America, Hawaii, Australasia & the Andes

Mr Anthurium – Central and South America

Mr Heliconia – South America & the Caribbean

Ms Marigold – South Mexico