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Mr Dendrobium Orchid

Mr Dendrobium is Angelina Jolie’s favourite cut flower. 

Mr Dendrobium Orchid is the Chinese symbol of spirituality.

In the language of flowers, orchids mean ‘love, beauty and refinement’, little wonder then that it is often used in wedding bouquets and arrangements.

The Orchid was an inspiration for a novel that Charles Darwin wrote – “cross pollination”. More importantly, In 1862, Darwin published an important book on pollination: The Various Contrivances by which Orchids Are Fertilized by Insects. In part, Darwin wrote this book on orchids in support of his theory of evolution proposed in The Origin of Species, published in 1859.

The Australian Native Dendrobium class is broken up into two general sections, cooler growing and warmer growing. The cooler growing orchids, (i.e. section dendrocoryne, rhizobium) typically appear around 0 to 1500m elevation on the great dividing range from Northern Tasmania up to Cape York (only in the highlands up in North Queensland).

Cutflower Care 

  1. Never refrigerate.
  2. Keep cool at all times.
  3. Recut at least 3 cm off each stem with sharp secateurs and place in room temperature water.
  4. Flower food use will help buds open.
  5. Replace water every day or flower food water every 3rd day.
  6. Mr Dendrobium Orchid performs best with shallow water in vase.
  7. Never place Mr Dendrobium Orchid near a heat source.