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Edible Cut-flower SALAD RECIPE’S


Prepare the dressing separately and lay it at the base of the plate before you place your vegetables, poultry or seafood, leaves and finally Cut-flowers – all in that order.

This method is paramount as it stops the dressing weighing down the leaves and Cut-flowers.

Cut-flower – Dandelion and Jasmine

Leaf – Mix in a sprinkle of dill, a dash of parsley and a 2 hands full of (baby leaf) spinach.

Nut – Macedonia

Vegetable – Yellow blanched wax beans and zucchini.

Fruit – Yellow mini tomatoes and capsicum (lightly pan fried)

Poultry – Smoked sliced Turkey (cold)

Dressing – Finely diced half red onion, teaspoon of honey, balsamic vinegar, freshly squeezed lime, (1) raw egg yolk, poppy seeds and Himalayan salt.

Blooming ALERT – Remove pistils and stamens before eating.