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Edible Cut flowers

Did somebody say edible cut flowers?


You can eat some cut flowers, not all of them though. Some cut flowers are used in entree dishes, main dishes and of course my favorite, DESSERTS!

They not only look blooming pretty they are hands down delicious.

When cut flowers and food come together, it’s really painful for me. I seem to eat more and there goes my diet plan.

Creme brulee hanging out with Mr Violet. Blooming HEAVENS!

The most popular cut flowers for eating are:

Let me introduce you to the blooming list of edible cut flowers.

Ms Calendula

Ms Carnation

Ms Chrysanthemum

Ms Clover  

Ms Cornflower

Ms Dandelion

Ms English Daisy

Mr Gladioli

Ms Hibiscus

Ms Honeysuckle

Ms Lilac

Ms Marigold

Ms Nasturtiums

Ms Pansy

Mr & Mrs. Peony

Ms Queen’s Ann Lace

Ms Rose

Ms Geranium

Ms Snapdragon

 Ms Sunflower

Mr Tulip (petals)

Mr Violet

Ms Poppy (seeds)

Happy eating my darling Blossoms.

Mercedes X