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Who are the Bi-Sexual Cut flowers?

Bisexual cut flowers also known as the perfect flower have both male and female reproductive structures, including stamens and an ovary. Sounds like the perfect combination to me. The best of both worlds i must blooming say.

Most of my favourite cut flowers are bi sexual, it wasn’t planned it just happen to be that way. I have added they’re dominate gender by adding Ms or Mr so you can identify how to cut the stems of the flower.

I have put together a small list for you to fall in love and to get familiar with. So knock yourselves out with bi – sexual cut flowers my darling blossoms.

Mercedes X

Ms Sweet Pea

Mr Daffodil

Mr Tulip

Ms Carnation

Mr & Mrs. Peony

Ms Sunflower

Ms Rose

Mr Gladioli

Mr Tiger Lily

Ms Delphinium

Mr Alstroemeria