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The Tropical Cut flower list

We can all get caught in the rat race, work commitments, young children, struggling finances and many other responsibilities in life.

I can only speak for myself, as a young single mother at the time, dreaming of having a holiday break was just a dream. I didn’t have that luxury for a very long time until one day it happened. I was so proud of myself, i took my girls to Newcastle Nobbys Beach. It was a beautiful space, every room had tropical cut flowers. It was so magical it made me feel like i was in Fuji.

So every holidays now, if I’m not able to take my family away i create my own holiday at my home and workplace. Just like Newcastle Nobbys Beach holiday, i place tropical cut flowers in every room to create the feel of a holiday. So really works, i highly recommend it.

So just like me i want you to experience it too, below is a list of tropical cut flowers i always use for my pretend holiday escape and let me tell you, these cut flowers are going to take your breath away.

Enjoy my darling blossoms.

Mercedes X

Ms Anthurium

Mr Hanging Heliconia

Ms Bird of Paradise

Mr Flowering Ginger 

Mr Cymbidium Orchid

Mr Oncidium

Mr Gloriosa Lily

Ms Frangipani

Mr Amaryllis

Mr Lobster Claw

Mr Beehive Ginger

Ms Red Hot Poker