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Floral tips for Melbourne Cup Day

Melbourne Cup day is a blooming BIG DEAL event here in Australia.

Melbourne Cup day in Australia is a day where all the cut flowers come out to show off what they where born to do and that is, to sit tall and proud on the heads, lapels and wrists of all who celebrate Melbourne Cup day.

Hosted in mid Spring in the month of November, Melbourne Cup day can be a scorcher with temperatures exceeding 35 degrees. A real concern if you are wearing cut flowers to compliment your outfit.

There is nothing worse than sighting the death of cut flowers on a roaming body who has spent endless hours to look the BIG part on Melbourne Cup day. So i thought i would save you grace and put together a checklist on how to protect your darling blossom’s this coming Melbourne Cup day.

Floral tips to help keep your blooms cared for this Melbourne Cup day.

  • make sure the cut flowers you are wearing as a floral fascinator, floral buttonhole or floral corsage are long lasting cut flowers;
  • male cut flowers make better wearing cut flowers;
  • Australian native cut flowers make great floral wear as they are hardy and very low maintenance;
  • misting your male cut flowers with water goes a very long way as it keeps your floral art piece hydrated for longer floral wear.
  • stay out of direct sunlight and be bounded to a cool environment to keep your cut flowers protected and happy.

Happy Blooming PUNTING!!!

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